Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i *heart* details

If ever there was a Boutique Girl who, above all else, treasured the value of a detail, she would be Ivana. This attention to the little things couldn't have been more true than the day she topped wide-leg trousers with a fitted vintage t-shirt of Audrey Hepburn. The detail part: Ivana had replicated her hairstyle after Audrey's coif in the image down to the black cloth headband. She'd even mimicked the pearl studs. The look was perfection. As she zipped around Boutique in her usual way, customers literally stopped mid conversation to admire her ensemble.

My favorite detail: buttons. Either big, funky, statement buttons or high-quality, well-organized rows of buttons. I liken it to a manicured Pecan orchard (I drive by such a place on the way to my parents' lake house and I find that I always hold my breath as I stare down the perfect rows of grass and grandeur) or a random sunflower or day lily - a bright, random splash of color that seems so reckless that it almost dares anyone to tell it not to grow there.

Boutique Girl: Ivana (styled by Casey)  
On Ivana:
Jacket: Robert Louis $79
Blouse: 172 Grams $26
Dress: Ella Moss $34
Skirt: Missoni $83
Wedges: Michael Kors $47

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