Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A man in need found some friends indeed!

Rare is the sight of a man in Finders Keepers Boutique. (Well, there was this one time that a guy came in who was a huge emo-fan and merrily fit into a pair of size 4 red skinny jeans from H&M that I couldn't get above my knee - but I digress.) So when Ben stepped into Boutique with a pair of pants, some suspenders, and a mission, he got way more attention than he bargained for. "I wanted to wear these suspenders with these pants when I go out tonight. But I don't know how to attach them." He said. Silly Ben! His contemporary corduroys didn't have the inside buttons that fasten the suspenders in place. But don't you worry Ben; we're consignment chicks! We live to improvise. Ben, I hope your night was a success, and I hope that you had as much fun as we did!

Meet Ben!

Stephanie and Sandra come up with ideas

Boutique girls getting it done!

Stephanie and Ben celebrate the success!

Ben models the get-up. He had to step into them fireman-style, but no one else will ever know!

Stephanie and Ben were unknowingly at the same restaurant that morning watching a World Cup soccer game. Ben: you and Stephanie should spend some time together. She's one of the sweetest, most fun-loving people I've ever known. And y'all practically sparkled together. I'm just saying...

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