Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bargain Hunters Rejoice

I popped into the furniture store on the hunt for an overstuffed chair, and, as can often happen, was immediately put to work. Luckily, we were doing two of my favorite things: marking down prices, and moving stuff around. I feel so accomplished when I help stage a setting or move something really (really) heavy... and then I get to skip the gym! But I digress...

Linda and Bonnie were hard at work moving tons of furniture and decor into the Bargain Room. Now the Bargain Room, my fellow budget-warriors, is the stuff that decorating dreams are made of. Prices are slashed to a fraction of the original price! And don't forget to look *everywhere* - up, down, under, above, and sideways. Especially now! They're packing so much into the little-room-that-could that some serious stacking is required. Come help us make some room!

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