Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fantastic New Arrivals

The turn-over for merchandise in the store is pretty extraordinary. I usually only come in about once a week, and it's always like walking into a totally new store. Needless to say, Betsy sees a lot of decor come and go, so it has to be quite a piece to make her say wow or, in her words "something that blows my skirt up." These three new arrivals had Betsy pulling a Marilyn Monroe...

This mirrored table could be used in a variety of decor-themes; shabby-chic, glam, and modern, just to name a few. And it looks so lovely between the two leather chairs!

This green sofa has great clean lines and will fit right into most color pallets. From rustic browns and oranges to artsy plums and pinks, this piece was made to please!

This adorable chair could be used as a statement piece in a sea of solids, or to anchor different colored pieces together. What Betsy really loves: the couch and the chair together...

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