Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spring into Creative Lighting with Lee Cuthbert

I'm not a doctor and I don't know the technical terminology, but I do know that sunshine activates our happiness glands.

~Jessi Lane Adams

Light has a tremendous effect in a home. The way you use light can set mood and tone. Manipulating and crafting the artificial and natural light in the rooms of your house can have an instant effect on a living space. The good news: Lee Cuthbert can show you how to turn any decorative object in your home into a unique source of light!

About Lee: From 2003 to 2008 Lee Cuthbert owned and operated Decatur's Victory Vintage Home, a mid-century furniture and gift store. Refurbishing vintage lamps became a fun, spin-off business; and as demand for her product and expertise grew, she turned her full attention to this new venue!

Light (or the lack there of) has a tremendous impact on your home. The good news: creative lighting is easy and fun!

* Make lamps our of heirloom statues, vases, pottery, old sterling teapots, or sports trophies. They're a conversation starter, and you look oh-so-smart when you tell your guests how you did it!
* Hanging lamps can be given a touch of personality with large drum shades.
* Old lamps can be rewired to add new life to the charm of an antique fixture.
* For do-it-yourself projects, parts are available from Lee and Beth at Kudzu Antiques

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