Monday, June 21, 2010

Girls of Summer

Girls are summer's true butterflies. Our oft-shrouded skin is like new wings as our shoulders peek out of strappy dresses and limbs bask in the joy of sunlight (sunscreen, ladies - a tan lasts a week, but the wear and tear is forever). I imagine most think the cover of the night is what triggers the voice of the inner vixen we all feel, it's whispered breath a curious temptation. But I would challenge that is in fact the sun that stirs at our taxed, quelled femininity.

Boutique Girls: Meghann and Heather (styled by Carrie)

On Meghann:
Dress: J Crew $37
Shoes: Guess $18
Bangles: $12 - $15 a piece
Belt: $5
Hat: Tracy Watts $28
Scarf: $6
Handbag: $22

On Heather:
Dress: Missoni $330
Top: Ellen Tracy $69
Shoes: Yellowbox $22
Sunglasses: Prada $138

1 comment:

  1. You both look stunning! I love all the colors and the summer freshness of your outfits!