Sunday, January 5, 2014

The 2014 Get Organized Workshop Lineup

Did You Know? January is Get Organized month, and we know just the people to help you start! Every Saturday for the next two months, we're hosting workshops with professional organizers at Finders Keepers Furnishings. Additionally, we've just added two Wednesday Workshops. Check out the current line-up of workshops, brought to you by NAPO-GA specialists. More information will be added as it is received! Saturday workshops begin at 9:30am sharp, and Wednesday workshops begin at 1pm. Each workshop costs just one canned-good, (or donation of $1) which will all be given to local food banks.

January 4, 2014- Gigi Miller:  I Can't Find My Keys and Other Reasons to Get Organized

o   Gigi K. Miller, an Atlanta based Professional Organizer and owner of Vision Organizing,  will present a workshop on the benefits of getting organized and the steps you can take to get started.  Learn how getting organized can lower your stress, save you money, and give you more time to do the thing you love. 

o   Gigi K. Miller, Professional Organizer
Vision Organizing, LLC

January 8th at 1pm: Closet Organizing with Renee Kutner
  • Are you constantly running late in the mornings because you spent too long looking for the clothes you want to wear? Does your closet look like a rummaged sale rack when you want it to look like the newly created display rack?  In this workshop, Renee will give you closet organizing tips to help you organize your closet the way you've always wanted it to be.
  • Renee Kutner, Peace by Piece Organizing
January 11, 2014-Danielle Carney- Organizing Basics

o   Life Managements
Phone: 678-590-1567

January 18, 2014-David Quam

January 22nd at 1pm: De-Stressing, De-cluttering with Renee Kutner
  • If you feel like de-cluttering is much easier said than done, come to this workshop where Renee will help you answer 3 basic questions: What should I keep?  What should I do with the stuff I keep?  And what should I do with the stuff I don't keep? 

January 25, 2014-Karen Leff: Efficiency: Simplify Your Life. Save time and money in 2014!              

o   Karen Eisele Leff, owner of Leff’s Last Re-Sort, LLC  Organizing and Concierge services, will share with you, some easy solutions to help you save time and money in 2014. Simple changes to everyday tasks can help you become more efficient and productive. Whether you are looking for ways to streamline your daily tasks at home or in the office, this workshop will give you some simple take-aways you can incorporate into your or your family’s schedule. If one of your goals in 2014 is more time to do what you WANT to do and not more tasks, this workshop is for you!

o   Leff’s Last Re-Sort, LLC
Phone: 404-226-3292

February 1, 2014-Jonda and Diane :  From Piles to Files

o   This workshop will discuss paper management- recycling as it comes into the house, a proper landing zone, usable files…. Getting ready for tax season.

o   Jonda Beattie-Time Space Organization – - 404-299-5111 

o    Diane Quintana – DNQ Solutions - 404-250-0321

February 8, 2014-Jiffy Page: Tips for Preserving and Sharing Your Photos                               

o   Jiffy Page, of Pixorium, will discuss and take questions about how to digitally preserve the "tangible" photos you have, including the technical information you need to know and what options available -  from doing it yourself to “hiring out.” Then she’ll speak about photo restoration (of prints, negatives and slides) and share ideas of fun and compelling ways to be a photo-storyteller, sharing your family's photographic memories and stories.

o   Pixorium
Phone: 404-680-5341

February 15, 2014- Stephanie Christopoulos and Tiffany Hill :Event Planning 101

o   This Workshop will discuss steps for planning a stress-free event

o   Stephanie Christopulos-Organized Chick- -678-697-9609

o   Tiffany Hill-Just the Right Place, – 404-435-5317

February 22, 2014- David McDonough: Organizing with Google

o   This workshop with go over the benefits of using Google to simply your life

o   Modern Image, Atlanta
Phone: 404-840-0101