Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Graffiti with Jan Riley

Meet Jan: For nearly 30 years she has created murals, decorative painting and faux finishes for homes and businesses in Atlanta with her business called WallScapes by Jan Riley. You can see lots of examples of her faux painting and murals here

We *love* Jan here at Finders Keepers Furnishings. She's decorated almost every side of our store, adding life, character, and wow to the outside of our building. Check out some of the pictures on our original blog post: Welcome to Finders Keepers Furnishings. Here's one just to pique your curiosity:

The biggest and most dramatic change you can do to a room in your home is to change the color scheme. Don’t be afraid to paint with bright and bold colors, especially if your room is unfurnished. The color will be enough until you find what you need to fill it!
Although it is a fun project it can also be really frustrating. Colors are personal. Every one has a special relationship to different colors and different hues. If you have trouble choosing your colors, we can help. We have a program called Color-Coaching where we come to your home and help you learn how to choose paint colors for your space.

What colors do you like? How do certain colors make you feel?
Think about what you wear. You probably know how to dress for work and mix and match colors, so I know that we will be able to find out what colors will work in your home. You are going to live with the colors so we make sure that you love the colors, hues and shades you choose.

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