Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Special Guest Lillian Charles

Clients of "Wardrobes by Lillian Charles" have called Lillian a wardrobe consultant, fierce fashionista, personal stylist and “closet-tamer.” Instead of urging women to buy completely new wardrobes, Lillian shows her clients how to breathe new life into items they already own by creating fun, fresh pairings and giving classic looks an updated twist. Her goal is to make your wardrobe effective, efficient, and inspiring without having to spend your hard earned money on a bunch of new pieces. And we’re bringing her to you for free at our Spring Fling! She’ll style you on the spot this Monday from 1pm-7pm. Bring in an item or two that you haven’t been able to work into your wardrobe and Lillian will give you ideas on how to best compliment the piece.

Want to take her home with you? We’re raffling off a free two-hour session of in-home styling with Lillian. Make sure to enter for a chance to win when you shop with us this Monday.

Learn more about Lillian on her website: www.wardrobesbylilliancharles.com

Monday, March 26, 2012

Finders Keepers Fashions is having a spring fling on Monday, April 2nd!

Finders Keepers Fashions is kicking off our first markdown of the spring season this Monday, April 2nd, with a little fling for our customers! And this event is smart, stylish, and social. Here's why:

Smart: Save money on your spring wardrobe by shopping a huge round of brand new markdowns.

Stylish: We're going to load our sales floor with style-savvy staff and a special guest that will help you pull great looks together for this warmer weather. Already got your signature style? Show us what you've got! We'll be taking pictures of looks we love for our facebook page. Got some fashion tips you're willing to share? We'd love to hear them!

Social: We're turning our Ladies Night Out into a co-ed event. Meet and mingle early or late - we'll be open from 10am - 8pm. Bring friends or meet new like-minded smart shoppers as you peruse the racks or the snacks - refreshments will be provided!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two events this Saturday!

We're closing our March workshop series with a bang this Saturday: back by popular demand, "Closet Chaos to Closet Confidence" by Bonnie Kallenberg, our fearless leader, will inspire you to spring clean your stuffed closets and excavate your personal style in the process. Bonnie has probably evaluated more pieces of clothing than any other person in Atlanta, and her workshop will teach you how to get control of your closet with organizational strategies that are easy to implement once you take the plunge...and she's all about getting started! Bonus: she'll also give you a few pointers about successful consigning, which is great since spring (and spring cleaning!) are officially here. This workshop will begin at 9:30am sharp this Saturday, March 24th.

You're invited to a Shredding Event! What better way to show paper who's boss by telling it where to go and how to there? In this case: on a secure Ecoshred truck that will shred your paper on site. Talk about satisfying. Celebrate your victory by safely destroying old documents during this shred event at Finders Keepers Furnishings. The cost is $6 per box (computer-paper sized box), and will be held from 12pm - 2pm this Saturday, March 24th. Learn more about Ecoshred on their official website: www.ecoshredding.com.

Both of these events will be held at Finders Keepers Furnishings:
2753 E. College Avenue in Decatur.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March into spring cleaning with these free organization workshops!

March into Spring Cleaning: Winning the war on paper.

Paper. Stacks of paper. Loose sheets. Wadded up balls. A bundle of week old mail. And where did you stick that really-important-gotta-keep-this-somewhere-safe tax form? If that sounds like you, then stop shuffling through those mounds on your desk and check out the schedule below of FREE organization workshops that will help you show paper who’s boss (it’s you, by the way,) and reclaim your desk for life.
This series of free workshops will be hosted by Finders Keepers Furnishings, located at: 2753 E. College Ave., Decatur GA 30030
Thursday, March 8th from 1pm-2pm:  Creating an Organized Work Space with Gigi Miller:  In this one hour interactive workshop, attendees will learn how to create and maintain an organized (clutter-free) work space, eliminate paper clutter, set up filing systems, create storage solutions and incorporate organization into their daily routines.
About the Presenter:  Gigi K. Miller is the owner of Vision Organizing, an Atlanta based Professional Organizing and Consulting company that creates customized organizing solutions for home, work, and life that are simple, practical, and easy to maintain. Her motto:  Live simple. Live organized. Live well. For additional information, please visit www.VisionOrganizing.com.
Saturday, March 10th from 9:30am – 10:30am:  Tax Talk with Jim Connelly of H&R Block: Deductions, audits, and the IRS, oh my! Does tax season make you feel like holing up in the cellar and waiting for the storm to pass? A little know-how will help pave a yellow brick road through your taxes. Jim Connelly, CPA and Master Tax Advisor at H&R Block will discuss schedule A itemized deductions, potential for audit, and what to do if you owe the IRS.
About the presenter: Jim has 9 years tax preparation service and specializes in personal tax returns including: investments, rental homes, retirement income, itemized deductions, and education credits.
Wednesday, March 14th from 1pm-2pm: “Mail Management” with Renee Kutner:  Ever wish you could nail your mailbox shut so you didn’t have to deal with more paper marching its way through your front door every day? The bad news: the mailman would probably just stick it on your doorstep. The good news: there’s a better (and legal) way to gain control of the never-ending parade of new paper. Learn how to manage your snail-mail during this hour long free workshop.
About the presenter: Renee is the founder of Peace by Piece Organizing. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Learn more about Renee on her website: http://www.peacebypieceorganizing.com/.
Saturday, March 17th 9:30am-10:30am: Getting Control of Your Household Papers with Jonda Beattie and Diane Quintana. Is the thought of organizing the papers and documents shoved in every drawer and stacked on every surface as daunting as the idea of driving cattle from here to the west coast? Well pull on your boots and giddy on up to this free workshop. Learn how to lasso your daily influx of papers and corral those pesky manuals, warranties, and other important documents. About the presenters:
Jonda has appeared as a consultant on episodes of television shows Buried Alive and Hoarding. She is the founder of Time Space Organization and is a member of NAPO (The National Association of Professional Organizers) and ICD (The Institute for Challenging Disorganization.) Diane is the founder of DNQ Solutions. She specializes in residential and home-office organizing in metropolitan Atlanta and in working with people challenged by chronic disorganization. She is also a member of NAPO, ICD, and the Atlanta Hoarding Task Force.
Saturday, March 24th from 9:30am – 10:30am: Closet Chaos to Closet Confidence with Bonnie Kallenberg: Take a break, bandage any hard-won paper cuts, and venture to a place that papers dare not go… your wardrobe. Or do you dare not spend more time in your closet than you have to? Your clothes should be a source of inspiration, not frustration Learn how to love your wardrobe at this free workshop with Bonnie, the owner of Finders Keepers Consignment Stores.
About the presenter: With 20+ years of consignment experience under her favorite belt, Bonnie has evaluated a lot (and I mean a lot of clothes.) But did you know she got her start in retail as a buyer for Davidsons Department store? She’s made a living by screening fashion for quality and style since 1982. Learn more about Bonnie on her stores’ website: www.fkconsign.com.
Saturday, March 24th, 12pm - 2pm: You’re invited to a Shredding Event! What better way to show paper who’s boss by telling it where to go and how to there? In this case: on a secure truck bound for one really big shredder. Celebrate your victory by safely destroying old documents during this shred event at Finders Keepers Furnishings. Cost: $6 per box (computer-paper sized boxes please)