Thursday, December 27, 2012

A first step for Kanu and a walk down Mom-Mode memory lane for me

On a recent rainy Monday, Kanu and I loaded up my minivan with as much of his furniture that would fit and headed off to find a place for him to live in Eastman, Ga. Always upbeat, Kanu had given me no indication that his housing situation for college was dire. Several roommate options had materialized and then vanished over the past few months and Kanu was super stressed out but not letting on. Finally, before our fundraiser, he told me that he had no place to stay and was a bit worried. Well that’s all it took for me to go into Mom-Mode and make a plan. We would drive to Eastman the next day we both had off and find a place for him to live.
So that day arrived and we headed down south to accomplish 2 goals: one was to open a bank account with all of the money customers, consignors and fellow employees contributed during our fundraising (over $4000!) and two was to find housing. I had 2.5 hours in the car with Kanu to “discuss” what I thought was important, how to manage money, how to stay focused, how to write thank you notes and more. Okay, maybe it was a bit of a lecture but hopefully some of it sank in. And remember, I was in Mom-Mode…..
Mustafa, Kanu’s friend who attends the Aviation School, met us and rode with us to various housing possibilities he had already scoped out, saving us a world of time. We saw a trailer in a really remote area but fairly close to the school, public housing and all of that paperwork, unaffordable apartments and condo rentals and finally a one bedroom duplex unit. We decided on the duplex unit because it is close to Mustafa and the shopping district and not a bad bicycle ride to school. The trailer was fine but it was far from everything and Kanu will be traveling by bicycle so this could be problematic. Also, I think he will be more comfortable closer to a friend.
We opened his account at the main bank in town where they graciously welcomed him as a customer and offered their own words of wisdom. Mustafa was with us and many of the pretty girls working there stopped by to give him a hug. Somehow, I think these guys are pretty popular in town!
We stopped by the campus where Kanu will be spending most of his time and saw the hanger with all of the planes he will be flying including the old Air Tran Plane that serves as a landmark for the left turn to the school.
So as a Mom, I now feel that Kanu is going to be okay. He has a home, money in the bank, a few old friends and a few new ones. He has people “at home” who care about him and to come home to.  He has Betsy and me planning random visits to Eastman to check on him and folks who want to send him “care packages”.

It was on the way home from Eastman that Kanu let on just how worried he had been about it all as he thanked me for taking my day off to drive to Eastman with him. He explained how he had hardly been able to focus because the fear of the unknown was taking over and weighing him down. This trip to Eastman, Finders Keepers, his job, his co-workers and customers had blessed him. Now his spirits were lifted, he could be a college kid, be excited about his future.


That was my blessing and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bonnie Kallenberg, Tacoma Perry, and 6 piles of stuff

Blog Post Sept 5, 2012                  

I was that kid all the parents loved having over because my idea of fun was cleaning out a messy closet or organizing a room and truthfully, I still think it is fun and offer my services regularly as my “gift” to friends. Remember the scene from the movie “Sex and the City” when the girls are helping Sarah Jessica Parker clean out her closet before she moved out of her apartment? Now THAT’S my idea of a fun girl’s night out event.

So it will come as no surprise that I created and present a workshop on this topic complete with handouts and props. Pointers from this presentation landed me a spot with Tacoma Perry on FOX 5 News where I helped this TV personality purge her closet using my 6 pile process. It is airing as a piece for National Procrastination Day, which is Sept 6th. We all procrastinate about some things and hers was her closet so it was a perfect fit.


I will share my 6 piles and a little bit of explanation on each.

First the piles:

  1. Keep
  2. Sell
  3. Donate
  4. Toss
  5. Mend/dry clean
  6. Archive


Keeps are the clothes that you wear with confidence and grace. They have earned the right to take up space in your closet. You feel good and comfortable whenever you wear them. Rehang them on matching hangers.

Sells are the pieces that are mistakes, you purchased them on impulse, or they were a gift, on the clearance rack or for whatever reason landed in your closet but they don’t feel right for you. They are in style, have little or no wear and have value in the resale marketplace. These you can take to a consignment shop. Leave them on hangers…..please!

Donates are the pieces that you loved but no longer work for you. It could be size, style or wear but they are not up to consignment shop standards. However, they may have value for a thrift store and bring needed cash for a good cause. And speaking of good causes, I just found a thrift store with a great cause where I plan to send some of my donates but that’s a topic for another day. Put donates in black bags.

Toss is a pile for clothing too worn or torn or damaged to sell anywhere. I have volunteered at thrift stores and know how time consuming it is to go through bags of clothing that should have been trashed. It is a waste of precious time and man power, so don’t do it. Remember, you want to support this charity and not waste their time with your donations. Put tosses in white bags.

Mend/Dry Cleaning is a pile that must be dealt with regularly. Don’t let it pile up for weeks in your closet. Get those clothes back into your rotation quickly. I like a laundry basket for these.

Archive is the pile for things that you just can’t part with but at the current time is not earning its keep in your closet. It could be a few items you love but cannot fit into right now or a cool top from the 70’s that you break out for every retro party. The key is that your closet needs to be a reflection of what you need for life right now. So, everything cannot go in this pile, only a select few special pieces. Giant Ziploc bags that fit under the bed work perfectly for this pile.

So there you have it, now get started. There are tons of consignment shops to chose from, each with its own special niche, waiting for you to show up.  Be sure to check stores’ websites for consignment specifics.

Happy Purging!!

--Bonnie  Kallenberg



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Resale's Night Out

The idea for FK’s Resale’s Night Out was hatched last year when Boutique’s Manager, Stephanie Smith, headed up to New York City for Fashion’s Night out.  She had so much enthusiasm to share about her experience that I decided to bring a taste of NYC’s celebration to Finders Keepers for our special customers this year, and we have been planning for months. Tickets are $5 and 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales will be given to our favorite charity, Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta
Finders Keepers Fashions and Finders Keepers Boutique + Menswear will both close at 6pm on this night (Thursday Sept. 6) to get ready for the event and will re-open for ticket holders only at 7pm.
Finders Keepers Fashions starts the event off with a fall preview fashion show featuring some special RRISA staffers along with FK staffers stomping the runway in looks put together by our own Jamilla Hill. Stylist Lillian Charles wows us every time she comes to our events as she pulls together fun looks for anyone who asks, so be sure to ask! Knikita, our resident caterer, has come up with tasty treats for the evening and our whole staff is ready to make this night fun and memorable.
Fall Fashion spotlights via live mannequins start the night at FK Boutique + Menswear with looks put together by FK Staffer, Carrie Tatro, known for her avant garde approach to styling. Barbara Warren’s spread from Tastefully Simple is sure to please while the entire staff is on hand to ensure all Resale’s Night Out customers enjoy their shopping experience. Tweets and FB Posts are expected regularly from Stephanie so be sure to follow the FK FB and Twitter pages.  Check our website to sign up for these.
I am really excited about this event for several reasons. Resale fashion styling requires way more talent than regular retail styling and I am lucky to have a staff gifted in transforming “used clothes” into fabulous fashion for a fraction of the cost, making our shoppers look great on a budget. I am also grateful to my FK employees, who are enthusiastically coming together to make this event happen. Honestly, I could not pull off this event without their willingness and expertise to go above and beyond for me and for Resale’s Night Out. Lastly but importantly, it is a charity event and a donation equal to 5% of total sales for the night will be given to RRISA in addition to money from ticket sales. I hope you will attend and enjoy our first ever Resale Night Out Event.
Bonnie Kallenberg
Finders Keepers Consignment Stores

Monday, May 7, 2012

Two events this week!

We have two events this week! A fabulous complimentary taste test at Finders Keepers Boutique this Thursday and free access to a fantastic local stylist at Finders Keepers Fashions on Saturday. See below for more information.

Yum: Our very own Barbara Warren is now a representative for Tastefully Simple: restaurant style favorite finger foods and drinks. And she wants to give you a complimentary taste test at Finders Keepers Boutique on Thursday, May 10th from 5pm-7pm. Barbara and her husband will demonstrate simply delicious beer battered bread and dips that will be a hit at your next party. Learn more about Tastefully Simple on the official website:  If you like what you see and need it fast, you can place an order using their consultant information: Donald Warren with consultant code 0130982

Call us for more information: 404-634-6995
Finders Keepers Boutique
2134 N. Decatur Road, Decatur GA 30033

Glam: Do you think you have to decide between comfort and chic? Stylist Lillian Charles doesn't think so! And she is coming back this Saturday, May 12th to offer a free workshop at Finders Keepers Fashions. Whether you're a working woman or a mom on the go, Lillian will teach you how to add a touch of glam to your all-day wear. One of our customers has been working with Lillian since her first appearance at our store. This is what she has to say about the experience: Lillian has transformed my wardrobe in a matter of weeks.  She helped me understand what looks good on me, decide on pieces to let go of and identify and shop for ones that I needed to buy.  Getting dressed in the morning is fun and easy now, and my new look makes me feel like sashaying around town! This workshop will begin at 9:30 am.Learn more about Lillian on her website:

Call us for more information: 404-296-0285
Finders Keepers Fashions
84 N. Avondale Road, Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bonnie Kallenberg interviewed by Women's Place

Finders Keepers' owner Bonnie Kallenberg was interviewed at length about consignment for A Women's Place! Her interview began airing on television today, and will repeat all week on T.V. and online. The schedule is provided below.


ON AIR                                             AIB NET.TV        
MON     7:30     pm                           DAILY    12:30 am                 
TUE      9:00     am                            DAILY    10:00 am                 
FRI        9:00     pm                           DAILY    5:30 pm                       
SAT       11:30     am                                                 

The program airs on Comcast Channel 5, Charter Cable Channel 22, and ATT U.Verse Channel 6

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Special Guest Lillian Charles

Clients of "Wardrobes by Lillian Charles" have called Lillian a wardrobe consultant, fierce fashionista, personal stylist and “closet-tamer.” Instead of urging women to buy completely new wardrobes, Lillian shows her clients how to breathe new life into items they already own by creating fun, fresh pairings and giving classic looks an updated twist. Her goal is to make your wardrobe effective, efficient, and inspiring without having to spend your hard earned money on a bunch of new pieces. And we’re bringing her to you for free at our Spring Fling! She’ll style you on the spot this Monday from 1pm-7pm. Bring in an item or two that you haven’t been able to work into your wardrobe and Lillian will give you ideas on how to best compliment the piece.

Want to take her home with you? We’re raffling off a free two-hour session of in-home styling with Lillian. Make sure to enter for a chance to win when you shop with us this Monday.

Learn more about Lillian on her website:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Finders Keepers Fashions is having a spring fling on Monday, April 2nd!

Finders Keepers Fashions is kicking off our first markdown of the spring season this Monday, April 2nd, with a little fling for our customers! And this event is smart, stylish, and social. Here's why:

Smart: Save money on your spring wardrobe by shopping a huge round of brand new markdowns.

Stylish: We're going to load our sales floor with style-savvy staff and a special guest that will help you pull great looks together for this warmer weather. Already got your signature style? Show us what you've got! We'll be taking pictures of looks we love for our facebook page. Got some fashion tips you're willing to share? We'd love to hear them!

Social: We're turning our Ladies Night Out into a co-ed event. Meet and mingle early or late - we'll be open from 10am - 8pm. Bring friends or meet new like-minded smart shoppers as you peruse the racks or the snacks - refreshments will be provided!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two events this Saturday!

We're closing our March workshop series with a bang this Saturday: back by popular demand, "Closet Chaos to Closet Confidence" by Bonnie Kallenberg, our fearless leader, will inspire you to spring clean your stuffed closets and excavate your personal style in the process. Bonnie has probably evaluated more pieces of clothing than any other person in Atlanta, and her workshop will teach you how to get control of your closet with organizational strategies that are easy to implement once you take the plunge...and she's all about getting started! Bonus: she'll also give you a few pointers about successful consigning, which is great since spring (and spring cleaning!) are officially here. This workshop will begin at 9:30am sharp this Saturday, March 24th.

You're invited to a Shredding Event! What better way to show paper who's boss by telling it where to go and how to there? In this case: on a secure Ecoshred truck that will shred your paper on site. Talk about satisfying. Celebrate your victory by safely destroying old documents during this shred event at Finders Keepers Furnishings. The cost is $6 per box (computer-paper sized box), and will be held from 12pm - 2pm this Saturday, March 24th. Learn more about Ecoshred on their official website:

Both of these events will be held at Finders Keepers Furnishings:
2753 E. College Avenue in Decatur.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March into spring cleaning with these free organization workshops!

March into Spring Cleaning: Winning the war on paper.

Paper. Stacks of paper. Loose sheets. Wadded up balls. A bundle of week old mail. And where did you stick that really-important-gotta-keep-this-somewhere-safe tax form? If that sounds like you, then stop shuffling through those mounds on your desk and check out the schedule below of FREE organization workshops that will help you show paper who’s boss (it’s you, by the way,) and reclaim your desk for life.
This series of free workshops will be hosted by Finders Keepers Furnishings, located at: 2753 E. College Ave., Decatur GA 30030
Thursday, March 8th from 1pm-2pm:  Creating an Organized Work Space with Gigi Miller:  In this one hour interactive workshop, attendees will learn how to create and maintain an organized (clutter-free) work space, eliminate paper clutter, set up filing systems, create storage solutions and incorporate organization into their daily routines.
About the Presenter:  Gigi K. Miller is the owner of Vision Organizing, an Atlanta based Professional Organizing and Consulting company that creates customized organizing solutions for home, work, and life that are simple, practical, and easy to maintain. Her motto:  Live simple. Live organized. Live well. For additional information, please visit
Saturday, March 10th from 9:30am – 10:30am:  Tax Talk with Jim Connelly of H&R Block: Deductions, audits, and the IRS, oh my! Does tax season make you feel like holing up in the cellar and waiting for the storm to pass? A little know-how will help pave a yellow brick road through your taxes. Jim Connelly, CPA and Master Tax Advisor at H&R Block will discuss schedule A itemized deductions, potential for audit, and what to do if you owe the IRS.
About the presenter: Jim has 9 years tax preparation service and specializes in personal tax returns including: investments, rental homes, retirement income, itemized deductions, and education credits.
Wednesday, March 14th from 1pm-2pm: “Mail Management” with Renee Kutner:  Ever wish you could nail your mailbox shut so you didn’t have to deal with more paper marching its way through your front door every day? The bad news: the mailman would probably just stick it on your doorstep. The good news: there’s a better (and legal) way to gain control of the never-ending parade of new paper. Learn how to manage your snail-mail during this hour long free workshop.
About the presenter: Renee is the founder of Peace by Piece Organizing. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Learn more about Renee on her website:
Saturday, March 17th 9:30am-10:30am: Getting Control of Your Household Papers with Jonda Beattie and Diane Quintana. Is the thought of organizing the papers and documents shoved in every drawer and stacked on every surface as daunting as the idea of driving cattle from here to the west coast? Well pull on your boots and giddy on up to this free workshop. Learn how to lasso your daily influx of papers and corral those pesky manuals, warranties, and other important documents. About the presenters:
Jonda has appeared as a consultant on episodes of television shows Buried Alive and Hoarding. She is the founder of Time Space Organization and is a member of NAPO (The National Association of Professional Organizers) and ICD (The Institute for Challenging Disorganization.) Diane is the founder of DNQ Solutions. She specializes in residential and home-office organizing in metropolitan Atlanta and in working with people challenged by chronic disorganization. She is also a member of NAPO, ICD, and the Atlanta Hoarding Task Force.
Saturday, March 24th from 9:30am – 10:30am: Closet Chaos to Closet Confidence with Bonnie Kallenberg: Take a break, bandage any hard-won paper cuts, and venture to a place that papers dare not go… your wardrobe. Or do you dare not spend more time in your closet than you have to? Your clothes should be a source of inspiration, not frustration Learn how to love your wardrobe at this free workshop with Bonnie, the owner of Finders Keepers Consignment Stores.
About the presenter: With 20+ years of consignment experience under her favorite belt, Bonnie has evaluated a lot (and I mean a lot of clothes.) But did you know she got her start in retail as a buyer for Davidsons Department store? She’s made a living by screening fashion for quality and style since 1982. Learn more about Bonnie on her stores’ website:
Saturday, March 24th, 12pm - 2pm: You’re invited to a Shredding Event! What better way to show paper who’s boss by telling it where to go and how to there? In this case: on a secure truck bound for one really big shredder. Celebrate your victory by safely destroying old documents during this shred event at Finders Keepers Furnishings. Cost: $6 per box (computer-paper sized boxes please)

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a whole extra day in the year. We want to make it count!

All winter merchandise at Finders Keepers Fashions, Boutique, and Menswear will be marked HALF OFF the original price by Wednesday, February 29th. This sale will continue for several weeks, so come quick for the best selection of drastically reduced merchandise or...

Wait until March 15th and shop the remaining winter merchandise for 75% off! Decisions, decisions! (But why not shop them both?)

Spring cleaning? Consider consigning nearly new clothes and accessories you no longer love. We are especially interested in new consignments for our menswear location. Finders Keepers Menswear is selling merchandise as fast as we're getting it in. We need more!

Speaking of Spring... our clothing stores are enjoying one of the best consignment seasons we've ever had! Come see why we're so excited about the new spring merchandise arriving every day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thoughts and notes from Bonnie's Desk

7 years ago I had a minor surgery (it felt major to me) and I return each year for a quick recheck of the site as a preventative measure and every year the same kind and competent nurse named Mary is there to greet me. It always brings me comfort to see her and this year was no exception.  Mary was there with a smile and a wave from down the hall as a different nurse was responsible for me that day but I was happy to see that Mary was STILL there. That kind of loyalty and dedication is rare these days, I guess that’s why it makes such an impression on me.

I have an employee like Mary at Finders Keepers and her name is Patsy Sanders. February marks her 15 year anniversary with the shop and I know so many of you are glad to see her when they come in, even if all she has time for is a smile and a wave. Patsy is one of those true blue, dedicated and loyal employees who weathers passing storms, changing policies, computer updates and all the things that happen at a small business each year, with dignity and grace. Whatever personal hardships she is facing will never be shown in her tone or demeanor, her actions or her words. She always just soldiers on with a smile.

In fact, Patsy soldiered on through breast cancer and did not miss a day of work while receiving chemotherapy. She has been in remission for 12 years now as of last month and the port near her collar bone has finally been removed. So we have much to celebrate with Patsy, 15 years of service at Finders Keepers and 12 years in remission from breast cancer.

So in honor of Patsy, our charitable giving this month will be to the Atlanta Chapter of the American Cancer Society with a designation to breast cancer awareness. Proceeds from our $1 $3 $5 $10 racks will go to this charity in Patsy’s honor and we will have jars at each register for cash donations to this important cause.

We will celebrate with cake and punch on Valentine’s Day so please join us and be sure to congratulate Patsy on her 15 year anniversary with Finders Keepers, but more importantly, on her survival of breast cancer. Please give this month in honor of Patsy so that more women will have the chance to be breast cancer survivors instead of breast cancer statistics.

Always be giving,
Bonnie Kallenberg

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Notes from Bonnie's Desk

January brought many opportunities for giving to some truly worthwhile causes and I am humbled by the awesome response to our Soles4Souls shoe drive which ended this week. I am thrilled to say that Finders Keepers collected 3670 pairs of shoes and 69 singles for this shoe drive and I would like to thank to each and every customer, consignor, neighbor, friend and church member who took the time to clean out their closets and bring those no longer needed shoes to one of the shops, Avondale City Hall, Avondale First Baptist, or my front porch!

Together with NAPO-GA, we sent 10,157 pairs of shoes and 359 singles to the Soles4Souls distribution center in Alabama over the last 3 months. We proved that the greater Atlanta Area is a very giving community.

Many of those shoes will go to developing countries including Haiti and some will be distributed in the United States. These shoes are often the first pair of shoes that a person will own. That should make us all happy and humbled at the same time, I know it does me. But there is another avenue for some of these shoes which to me is more exciting as an entrepreneur and I want to share a little of what I have learned about this.  Some of the shoes get packaged and sold to individuals in developing countries for a “micro enterprise” business venture. This micro-entrepreneur cleans and sells the shoes at village markets and then with those profits, he or she buys more shoes and thus grows the business. This business is a way to escape poverty and take care of his or her family by making a living instead of living on handouts. Now THIS appeals to me!

I saw some awesome shoes as I rubber banded and tied shoes together, wondering who would be wearing the brand new Timberland boots that someone donated or what woman just have to have the cute red sandals with the button closure or what child’s feet would be protected in the stride rite sneakers. Your generosity has warmed my heart and warmed many feet far from here. To find out more go to

Always Be Giving,

Bonnie Kallenberg
Owner, Finders Keepers, Inc

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workshop schedule and bios (January 26th - February 1st)

Free Workshop Schedule

Thursday, January 26th at 1:30pm - Closet Organizing with ReneeRenee Kutner Kutner: Are you constantly running late in the mornings because you spent too long looking for the clothes you want to wear?  Do you trip over a pile of shoes to reach the outfit you're trying to put on? Your closet should be inspirational - not stressful. Renee of Peace by Piece Organizing will teach you a few simple steps to make your closet a place of wow instead of woe. Learn more about Renee on her company's website:

Saturday, January 28th at 9:30am - Kitchen Organization Made Gigi MillerSimple with Gigi Miller: During this workshop, Gigi Miller of Vision Organizing will teach you how to plan your space, choose the right organizing products, and address problem areas such Tupperware clutter/pantry overload/junk drawers. Each participant will receive a workshop handout outlining Gigi's 5 steps for getting organized in the kitchen and helpful tips for maintaining your space. And....there will be a special give-away for one lucky member! Learn more about Gigi on her company's website:

Wednesday, February 1st at 10am - De-Stressing and Decluttering with Renee Kutner:
Renee is back to help you learn how to conquer your clutter for good. During this workshop, Renee will help you answer these three basic questions: What should I keep?  What should I do with the stuff I keep?  What should I do with the stuff I don't keep? Learn how to answer those easy questions and you'll be able to declutter without all the stress! Learn more about Renee's company on their website:

About Renee: They say you should do what you love. It just so happens that Renée Kutner loves doing something many people find daunting, and even dreadful: organizing. So she founded Peace by Piece Organizing to bring order to chaos, and peace to our otherwise hectic lives. Ask anyone who’s crossed Renée’s professional path and they’ll tell you no one they know could get so much done with so little on their desk. It became a trademark of sorts — so much so that starting early in her career, years before envisioning the formation of Peace by Piece Organizing,  Renée was conducting workshops for peers and supervisors alike on efficient time and project management. Renée is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Georgia chapter of NAPO. For more please visit my website:

About Gigi: Gigi serves as the Marketing Director for The National Association of Professional Organizers- Georgia (NAPO-GA) and is the owner of Vision Organizing, an Atlanta based company that works with individuals and businesses.  As a Professional Organizer, Gigi utilizes her highly honed organizational skills towards helping others realize the benefits of living an organized life. Vision Organizing's mission is to create customized solutions for home, work, and life that are simple, practical, and easy to maintain. For additional information, please visit

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A follow-up with workshop speaker Jiffy Page

First, thank you for coming out on a cold Saturday morning. I hope you took away some helpful information and thought it was a useful way to spend an hour. If you have suggestions for us, please pass them along - we're always tweaking and adjusting. Your feedback is helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Second, as was mentioned this morning, we were given the sign-in sheet with your email address and thus, you're getting this email. Let me be honest - we would love to have you as a Pixorium client. That said, at Pixorium we treat people as we wish to be treated which means we only want to be in your email box if you want us there. So, do me this favor - if you do NOT want to be in our database, please reply to this email and let me know. I will understand and won't have my feelings hurt, promise. :)

If you stay in our database, what are we going to send you? The main (and at this point only) email you'll get from us is an "almost" quarterly e-newsletter. In it we write about useful tips, ideas and other things we think you'll want to know. After all, we want you to read it, so we try hard to make it interesting, relevant and fun. Here's a link to our most recent one, which was much more "here's what we're doing" than usual:

We also have a Facebook page that we'd be delighted for your to visit regularly (and "like", share with your friends, etc.) if you're an FB person:  

We also tweet - it's an easy way to share fun and interesting tidbits or photos, which we do about once a week - @pixorium

But the best place for information on Pixorium is our website: We keep it up-to-date and actually, you can read the tweets right on our home page. I also write a blog post which you can access from there. Again, it's almost quarterly and I work hard to make it interesting, relevant and fun. Take a look; I'd love to know what you think about what's there now and any suggestions you have for future posts.

Lastly, I hope you were inspired today - maybe to open that huge box of photos and think about an organizing plan; to move the photos from the attic/basement/garage to an inside-your-home-closet; to think about the way you'd look for a photo if you had it organized; to go to and see what they have for archival binders, boxes, sleeves; to think about what would be the best way for you to back up your photos - separate hard drive, cloud back-up, etc.

The hardest part is getting started. We know that. So, let us know if we can be of help. For us the point is to encourage and enable people to save and share their photos and family stories; here's hoping we encouraged you this morning and perhaps enabled you a bit too.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2012,



(on behalf of Wally, too...)

Jiffy Page


Celebrating our 5th Anniversary with
"Snapshots & Stories - A Celebration" Photo Exhibit

See pix on our FB page:

See now @ Va Hi San Francisco Coffee  (
 a new location to announced soon...

Pixorium is an Atlanta-based photo storytelling business. We create video shows, custom books and other fun ways to celebrate and share the stories of families and organizations. We also provide digital conversion services, scanning prints, slides, film, VHS tapes to digital images.
Life is a story. How do you tell yours?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Angels on Earth

We just wanted to share an awesome thing that happened to one of our staff members, Karnu. Karnu works at Finders Keepers Furnishings. He drove his car to Maryland to give to his younger sister during the holidays because he thought she needed it more than he did. He spent the rest of his money to fly home. He was using his bicycle for sole transportation to work and school.
The day he arrived back to work his bike was stolen from beside our store.
We set up a jar fund for donations to replace his bike. On this past Monday a lady inquired about the jar fund and we related Karnu's story. She informed us that she was part of a not for profit organization called "Annandale Village" which is a community that serves adults with developmental disabilities. They have formed a cycling group in their community and Fuji Bikes made a generous donation of 60 or more bicycles to their organization. They were unable to use them all but were instructed to share with those in need as they saw the need. She asked permission to gift a new bike to Karnu.

Yesterday she arrived with a brand new Fuji bike and helmet for Karnu proving once again that good things come to good people and that angels do walk among us.