Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scarves: Bringing a bit of Europe to the USA

Recent travels to both Italy and Holland educated me on Europe’s love affair with the scarf. In Italy, kiosks full of scarves are as common as gelato carts and popular with both men and women.  Italian men sported scarves, sun glasses and fabulous shoes as they trekked around town. Scarves for sale were unisex patterns and worn by all.
The Dutch are just as addicted to their scarves! I marveled at both women and men, dressed for work with fashion scarves and fabulous shoes, pedaling their way to work on bicycles. Though not in sidewalk kiosks, scarves were for sale at every clothing shop I visited and worn by many.
I purchased scarves in both countries and wear them often mostly to remind myself of European women and men, who really know how to dress well, mix trendy with classic, and add scarves to complete the outfit. In Europe, the scarf is the “IT” accessory.
So I searched for and found a source for fabulous scarves for Finders Keepers, with very modern and European designs. The summer scarves have been popular and the fall scarves have begun arriving. A current trend for this accessory is the infinity scarf, which is easy to manage and fun to wear. Stop by and try one on.
So far I have just found women’s fashion scarves but I am searching for the male counterpart, even though I’m not sure if our American men are ready for a “fashion” scarf. What do you think?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

From Bonnie's Desk: Dog Rescue was not on my to-do list today!

Traveling the back way from the furniture store to meeting today, I saw a large dog and 4 puppies running loose along the sidewalk. At first glance, it looked like a mama and her puppies had escaped from a back yard. I stopped and rolled my window down to get a better look and it didn’t look good. The pups looked to be about 8 weeks old and their ribs were clearly visible. Mama dog was very friendly and turned out not to be mama but a male dog looking after these 4 boxer mix puppies. I was dressed for a meeting and short on time but quickly decided that the least I could do was go get them some food. 
I went to the house and grabbed the dog food and some water. When I got back to the spot, another person had stopped to see about them and was happy to see me and the food.  Soon, 3 other cars stopped and together we watched them devour the food. The hungry male dog let the puppies push him away from the food bowl so I had to give him food in a separate bowl so he could eat. I was amazed. Phone calls were made to rescue groups, friends, vets and photos were taken. Eventually one of us offered to keep them in his fenced area until they could be officially rescued. I’ll check on them tomorrow. They are super cute, and the adult male dog? A great disposition….and parent!