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Finders Keepers Boutique and Menswear Consignment Policies

Finders Keepers Boutique & Menswear
Consignment Policies

Thank you for considering us for your consignment needs! Here's how we work:

Terms of Contract (Updated)

1.       Consignor split is based on the actual SELLING price of the items and are as follows:

a.        $1 - $49             = 40% consignor / 60% store
b.       $50 - $99           = 45% consignor / 55% store
c.        $100 - $199       = 50% consignor / 50% store
d.       $200 and up      = 60% consignor / 40% store

2.       Items are kept in the store for 60 days and are subject to donation after the 60th day.   All items are subject to discretionary markdowns anytime during the consignment period.  There is no set markdown policy.  Expired items are either donated to charity or sold in charity sales in which all proceeds are donated to charity.  If consignor wishes to pick up unsold items, it is the consignor’s responsibility to keep up with his/her account and contract end dates.  Items should be picked up prior to the expiration date. The obligation to find a consignor’s items on the floor belongs solely to the consignor. No exceptions.

3.       Consignments are accepted Monday-Saturday and must be in at least an hour before closing time. Consignors have two options for dropping off items:

·         Drop & Run – Consignor will leave items at the store to be processed.  All items will be assessed and processed and accepted items will be distributed to the appropriate store for optimal selling potential.  Unaccepted items are donated charity and no tax receipt is available.  

·         Stay & Wait– Consignor will wait in the store while items are assessed. Unaccepted items will be returned immediately, accepted items will be processed offsite and then will return to this location for their consignment period.  Drop-offs must be within the 25 item limit, and arrive on hangers at least an hour before closing.  Accepted items with major flaws found upon further inspection will be donated to charity and no tax receipt is available. 

4.       Jewelry is not consigned unless valued at $100 or more.  All other jewelry is bought outright at 20% of the resale price.  All jewelry is assessed and processed off-site to ensure proper re-sale value is established.  Once jewelry items have been assessed, consignor will be contacted with an offer for the items Finders Keepers intends to purchase.  This offer may be accepted or declined and all unaccepted items will be returned if desired.  Jewelry purchases are limited to 25 pieces at a time and jewelry for consideration may be dropped off any time the store is open. 

5.       Checks are mailed the first week of each month for accounts with a balance exceeding $40.  Twice a year checks are mailed for accounts with a balance exceeding $20. Each mailed check will incur a $1 mailing fee. Consignor may check account any time during regular store hours, and may pick up any available balance during regular store hours.

6.       There is a $12 annual fee to be a consignor, and it includes 24/7 online consignor account access. Items are subject to a standard markdown process as well as sales, discretionary markdowns, item fees, and buyer's fees.  Buyer fees are taken prior to computing the consignor split. 

7.       Finders Keepers is not responsible for damaged, missing, or stolen merchandise. Items deemed inauthentic (“fake” or “knock-off”) are immediately removed from the premises. Damaged items are immediately donated. Items under either circumstance are not available for return to consignor and a tax receipt is not available.

Any and all consignment rules are subject to change. Our partnership is based on mutual respect. Consignors who become adversarial with the staff of Finders Keepers will have their consignment accounts closed. Please do not be offended if we do not accept your items as our skilled staff must rely on past and present experience to determine what will sell in our store.
Boutique - 2134 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur GA 30033
Menswear - 2130 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur GA 30033

Finders Keepers Fashions Consignment Policies

Finders Keepers Fashions
84 N. Avondale Rd.
Avondale Est., Ga 30002

Thank you for your interest in Finders Keepers! We look forward to doing business with you!
We accept seasonal merchandise for women, men, plus sizes and all accessories.
We do not consign children’s, young men’s, or junior’s sizes.
Jewelry is looked at for established accounts only.

Guidelines for new accounts:
  1. Potential new accounts are considered Monday through Saturday between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and are handled on a first come, first served basis. Clothing must be clean, on hangers, flawless and ready to sell.
  2. Only 25 items can be considered for first time consignors, no extras.
  3. No inexpensive labels nor counterfeit handbags or garments will be accepted.
  4. If there are enough acceptable items that will sell well, the account will be opened and all policies will be explained.

Policies of Finders Keepers:
  1. What merchandise will be accepted and how it will be priced is determined by the staff of Finders Keepers.
  2. Consignment Splits are as follows and are based on the item’s final selling price:
    1. $1 to $49 : 40% to Consignor/ 60% to Store
    2. $50 to $99 : 45% to Consignor/ 55% to Store
    3. $100 to $199: 50% to Consignor/ 50% to Store
    4. $200 and up: 60% to Consignor/ 40% to Store
  3. Jewelry is bought outright at 20% of the resale price. Jewelry will be sold on consignment only if an individual item values more than $100.
  4. There is a $12 annual fee to be a consignor, and it includes 24/7 online consignor account access. We have two seasons - Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.
  5. Items not sold in 60 days are donated to charity.
  6. Markdowns are done at the discretion of the staff of Finders Keepers. All items are subject to periodic sales.
  7. Checks are mailed at the first of the month for accounts with a balance of $40 or more. Mailed checks incur a $1 charge to cover the mailing cost. Consignors may check account balances and pick up money any time during regular business hours.
  8. Once your consignment account has been established, you may make drop-offs of your additional items.
  9. If you wish to take your unaccepted items back with you, you will fill out a “Stay and Wait” form and wait in the store while your items are assessed on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to donate what we do not accept, you will simply fill out a “Drop and Run” form and go! No tax receipts are given for donations.
  1. Stay and Wait consignments must be on hangers, limited to 25 items, and be at least 7 days apart.
  2. Drop and Run consignments have no item limits, may be hanging or neatly folded in a box or bag, and are limited to no more than once daily.

We have a large database of consignors and cannot make exceptions to any of our policies. We must be very selective in the merchandise we accept for consignment, so please do not be offended if your items are not accepted. We only want the best for our shoppers. Our consignment partnership is based on mutual respect. Any consignor who becomes adversarial with the staff of Finders Keepers will have their consignment account closed. Thank you for your interest in Finders Keepers and we look forward to doing business with you! For additional questions, feel free to call!

Finders Keepers Furnishings Consignment Policies

Finders Keepers Furnishings
2753 East College Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030
Existing consignors and new accounts may bring in up to 25 pieces of furnishings/décor in one drop-off, daily. You must arrive at least 1 hour before closing. For larger pieces, you may email or bring in a photo of an item for pre-approval. Upon approval, please give us a time frame for expected delivery and please bring help to unload your items if you cannot do it alone. (Email photos to the store at

Consignment split: Item priced $1-$49, consignor receives 40% of the selling price.
                                  Item priced $50-$99, consignor receives 45% of the selling price.
                                  Item priced $100 and up, consignor receives 50% of the selling price.

Checks for amounts over $40 are mailed the first week of every month. There is a $1 mailing fee to cover costs. Consignors may call or come by to check their balance. Balance may also be used as store credit. Amounts under $40 can be paid in cash.

Pricing is done by our staff, according to our experience and knowledge of current market values.

Any information you have about an item's original history, pricing, and age are appreciated.

Prices are reduced 25% after 25 days, 50% after 50 days, then remain at 75% for the final 15 days

Items priced over $100 will only go to 1/2 price. All items are subject to sales and discounts at the store's discretion.

Items are kept in the store for 90 days and are subject to donation after the 90th day. Unsold items are donated to charity.

There is a $12 annual fee to be a consignor, and it includes 24/7 online consignor account access. 

Consignor may pick up unsold items after 25 days. Any item picked up prior to 25 days will incur a 25% charge against the account per item.

Consignor is responsible for locating unsold items in the store. We will print a list of unsold items, but we will not look for them for you.

We do our best to care for your items, but there is no guarantee against theft or damage.

We do not have a delivery service. We have often worked with two movers listed below.

Independent Movers (will charge independent delivery fee.)

Shad Hasan - 30 Movers

Robert King - King Delivery
770.480.6035 cell770.981.8240 office

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The 2014 Get Organized Workshop Lineup

Did You Know? January is Get Organized month, and we know just the people to help you start! Every Saturday for the next two months, we're hosting workshops with professional organizers at Finders Keepers Furnishings. Additionally, we've just added two Wednesday Workshops. Check out the current line-up of workshops, brought to you by NAPO-GA specialists. More information will be added as it is received! Saturday workshops begin at 9:30am sharp, and Wednesday workshops begin at 1pm. Each workshop costs just one canned-good, (or donation of $1) which will all be given to local food banks.

January 4, 2014- Gigi Miller:  I Can't Find My Keys and Other Reasons to Get Organized

o   Gigi K. Miller, an Atlanta based Professional Organizer and owner of Vision Organizing,  will present a workshop on the benefits of getting organized and the steps you can take to get started.  Learn how getting organized can lower your stress, save you money, and give you more time to do the thing you love. 

o   Gigi K. Miller, Professional Organizer
Vision Organizing, LLC

January 8th at 1pm: Closet Organizing with Renee Kutner
  • Are you constantly running late in the mornings because you spent too long looking for the clothes you want to wear? Does your closet look like a rummaged sale rack when you want it to look like the newly created display rack?  In this workshop, Renee will give you closet organizing tips to help you organize your closet the way you've always wanted it to be.
  • Renee Kutner, Peace by Piece Organizing
January 11, 2014-Danielle Carney- Organizing Basics

o   Life Managements
Phone: 678-590-1567

January 18, 2014-David Quam

January 22nd at 1pm: De-Stressing, De-cluttering with Renee Kutner
  • If you feel like de-cluttering is much easier said than done, come to this workshop where Renee will help you answer 3 basic questions: What should I keep?  What should I do with the stuff I keep?  And what should I do with the stuff I don't keep? 

January 25, 2014-Karen Leff: Efficiency: Simplify Your Life. Save time and money in 2014!              

o   Karen Eisele Leff, owner of Leff’s Last Re-Sort, LLC  Organizing and Concierge services, will share with you, some easy solutions to help you save time and money in 2014. Simple changes to everyday tasks can help you become more efficient and productive. Whether you are looking for ways to streamline your daily tasks at home or in the office, this workshop will give you some simple take-aways you can incorporate into your or your family’s schedule. If one of your goals in 2014 is more time to do what you WANT to do and not more tasks, this workshop is for you!

o   Leff’s Last Re-Sort, LLC
Phone: 404-226-3292

February 1, 2014-Jonda and Diane :  From Piles to Files

o   This workshop will discuss paper management- recycling as it comes into the house, a proper landing zone, usable files…. Getting ready for tax season.

o   Jonda Beattie-Time Space Organization – - 404-299-5111 

o    Diane Quintana – DNQ Solutions - 404-250-0321

February 8, 2014-Jiffy Page: Tips for Preserving and Sharing Your Photos                               

o   Jiffy Page, of Pixorium, will discuss and take questions about how to digitally preserve the "tangible" photos you have, including the technical information you need to know and what options available -  from doing it yourself to “hiring out.” Then she’ll speak about photo restoration (of prints, negatives and slides) and share ideas of fun and compelling ways to be a photo-storyteller, sharing your family's photographic memories and stories.

o   Pixorium
Phone: 404-680-5341

February 15, 2014- Stephanie Christopoulos and Tiffany Hill :Event Planning 101

o   This Workshop will discuss steps for planning a stress-free event

o   Stephanie Christopulos-Organized Chick- -678-697-9609

o   Tiffany Hill-Just the Right Place, – 404-435-5317

February 22, 2014- David McDonough: Organizing with Google

o   This workshop with go over the benefits of using Google to simply your life

o   Modern Image, Atlanta
Phone: 404-840-0101

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spotlight on the Dresser: A great utility piece

Dressers come in all styles and sizes: painted, unpainted, antique, mid-century, rustic and modern. This piece of furniture can do a lot more than hold clothing so let’s step out of the box and consider some other uses for this versatile piece of furniture.

At waist height, a dresser can be used as a changing table in a nursery. Supplies such as diapers and baby wipes can easily be stored in the drawers along with onesies, rompers and pjs.

In an entry way, this piece can store hats, gloves, umbrellas, spare keys, sunglasses and other essentials needed as you head out for the day. Top with a lamp and a fun tray for mail and you have a happy and tidy space when you return each day.

In an office, a dresser can store extra paper and office supplies. A deep drawer can hold extra toner and ink while a top drawer can hold bills to be paid, mail waiting to be read.

A dresser by the back door or mud room can hold shoes, boots and rain gear as well as book bags and homework.

Put a dresser in a spare bedroom to hold wrapping paper and supplies along with gifts purchased ahead of time.

Put a small dresser next to your piano to hold sheet music and music books. Sort them by genre and have a drawer for each making it easier to find when looking for a particular tune.

Finally, use a dresser in the dining room for storing tablecloths and other linens. Use the top as a bar or as a buffet.

Don’t overlook all a dresser can do to keep your house organized and stylish. It’s probably one of the most useful pieces of furniture you can own, so own many and put them to work.
Check out a few of the dressers we have at our Furnishings location:


Menswear Trend: Plaid

Menswear Trend #3

 Plaid shirts truly never go out of style for men and this fall, they are on the must have list for menswear.  Plaids from Columbia and North Face are always a hit and wear like steel. Gap and J. Crew feature this fashion staple in popular color combinations as does Old Navy. Lands End is known for classic plaids that never go out of style. Flannel plaids have made a comeback and are great for weekend wear. Your favorite brand of shirt is bound to have a plaid shirt you’ll “must-have” for your fall wardrobe.

Monday, September 30, 2013

New Arrivals at Finders Keepers Furnishings

From holiday décor to home-sweet-home touches, we've thoroughly enjoyed the new arrivals we've had come in this week. Check out a few pieces that made us smile when they came through the door: