Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I was playing with the settings on my camera and I came across a setting called "vivid." The furniture store can be a little hard to take pictures in sometimes because of the many different sources of light - sunlight streaming in through the glass garage door, a menagerie of track lighting that sets interlocking circles aglow, and flourescent lighting downstairs (not my favorite kind of lighting, but it's economical and environmentally friendly.) And even still, for reasons I have yet to figure out, the flash wants to lend a helping hand in every picture. So I'm always a little disappointed in the pictures I've taken in the past because once captured, the images don't show the true energy of the rich colors that I find in the store.

Now, this may not seem related at first, but give me a second to bring it all back around. My husband and I are moving into a fantastic home (our first!) in a couple of weeks. We lucked out all the way around: it was a foreclosure, and it's in perfect condition. It was only built a few years ago, and the previous sets of owners didn't even put a coat of paint on the walls. So the clean khakis and creams of the walls and carpets are primed and ready for whatever we want to do. Well, what I don't want to do: paint. The good news: since the colors of the carpet and walls are so wonderfully neutral, we can use statement pieces to develop a vibrant, vivid, and non-commital color pallet. And furniture is so much easier to move/change/refurbish than floors or walls. I went to the furniture store on a hunt for the perfect coffee table. And while I didn't find what I was looking for this trip, I found some fantastically inspiring, vividly-colored pieces would speak volumes in anyone's home. Inspired? Call to inquire! 404-377-1944

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