Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some like it Hot...

... outside! In my book, there's no such thing as too hot. I like the opportunities to layer that cooler temperatures bring, but I am a Georgia girl through and through - red clay, wet air, and fireflies - it wouldn't be home without them. And while layering is this bohemian's favorite past time, warmer weather brings a light simplicity to my wardrobe that I'm always ready for. Sundresses and boots, mini-shorts and heels, bright colors, and florals - I wouldn't feel like me without them.

On Ivana:
Shorts: Poleci NWT - $33
Top: Marc Jacobs - $43
Heels: Corso Como - $59
Handbag: Fendi - $293
Necklaces: $16 & $17

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