Saturday, May 29, 2010

Got the Blues

To be the standard color of cold and depression, blue is one of the most lively, playful colors in the spectrum. Its hues are also assigned to the two key factors of life as we know it: air and water. Granted, the shades of blue are technically just a combination of reflections of light against the dark, untamed abyss that yawns infinitely above us. But when a cloudless sky is THAT blue - the kind of blue that stops you in your tracks and makes you completely forget what you were thinking about - the reasons for the color seem irrelevant to the reaction it involuntarily commands. Blue has an endless principle to it, an utter lack of beginning or end that perhaps is why our minds, so interested in things unseen and unkown, can't help but ponder the great beyond.

Boutique Girl: Carter (styled by Casey)

On Carter:
Cardigan: St John - $53
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity - $44
Top: Kimchi Blue - $17
Heels: Enzo $43
Clutch: Finesse La Model - $250
Necklace - $18

We took these pictures in the new dessert shop - Suno - that just opened yesterday in our shopping center. They had a grand opening last night and tons of people braved the serious storm brewing overhead for free samples of what Suno calls "the asian dessert of atlanta." The buzz is big... can't wait to try it out for myself!

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  1. There really is something so special about looking up and seeing a mass of gorgeous blue.. Like it envelopes you in such inexplicable joy. (: I gotta say, that cardi is the perfect shade of blue! And I love those gorgeous shoes. <3