Monday, May 24, 2010

Let the Light In

I googled quotes about sunshine and waded through hundreds of song lyrics, poems, definitions, and metaphors. They were all nice or cute or clever, but none of them rang true to what sunshine DOES for a person. It's a life-force... like our own microwave - speeding up the movement of the molecules (if my memory of high school biology serves me correctly) that make us who we are. Everything seems to hum under sunshine's crafty fingers. Bright mornings have an immediate effect on my winter blahs. My husband always breathes a sigh of relief when the calender rolls into longer days. Be it vitamin D, warmer temperatures, or that colorful way the rest of the earth responds to daylight - what I know about sunshine is this: I never feel as perfectly content than when I'm standing, arms open, eyes shut, under a brilliant, burning, searing blue sky.

Boutique Girl: Ivana (styled by Carter)
On Ivana
Top: Antonio Berardi $21
Jeans: J Brand $53
Heels: Colin Stuart $25
Handbag: Gucci $695

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