Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Couture Wonderland

The south is at the mercy of an arctic front... even the oranges are freezing in the sunshine state! Subfreezing temperatures often deter potential consignors and customers, so it's a great day to start our style blog! Sometimes high-end pieces can be a little intimidating... do I dress it up? dress it down? What do I wear with it? The alleyway behind Boutique is fantastically sparse and dismal, a perfect backdrop for a Winter Couture Wonderland pictorial! Carrie was quick to pull together 2 ensembles for Barbara and Casey from the Boutique merchandise. Call or come by to try it on for yourself!

Boutique Girl: Barbara (styled by Carrie)

Handbag: Marc Jacobs $330
Jacket: Armani, size 44 (USA 8) $188
Skirt: (bubble hem and taffeta): Options, size 10: $44
Booties: Rampage, size 7 1/2, $34
Silver Bangle: $18
Belt: $18
Beaded Bracelet: $8

Boutique Girl: Casey (styled by Carrie)

Floral Coat: Flower Field, size Medium $81
Gray Beret: Lola, $19
Belt: Coach, size 32 $18
Boots: Kate Spade fur-lined, size 10 $148
Beaded Dress (gold, comes with matching cardigan): size Medium $77
Beaded accessory (used as necklace) $12

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