Thursday, January 28, 2010

Princess Prints

Take a lesson from Emilio Pucci, a couture designer known as "the prince of prints": patterns play well together. The trick is letting one of the prints take the lead. A smaller print will sing a perfect harmony to the melody of a big, bold pattern. And the icing: tying them all together with accessories that speak to both. Did you even notice that Sandra's shoes are patterned? Neatly-casual hair is a great way to softly frame a face, and gives a touch of feminine, free-spirit to any look.

Boutique Girl: Sandra (styled by Casey)

Heels: Wild Rose, size 7 1/2 $24
Belt: The Limited $9
Costume chain and pearl necklace: $18
Necklace: KJL Inaugural Pearls 2009: $22
Handbag: $11
Top: Citrine, size 8: $28
Dress: White House / Black Market, size M (bubble hem) $37

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