Friday, January 22, 2010

Accessories are Necessities!

Each piece in your wardrobe is just that: a piece to a fun, daily puzzle. Consider your pieces as one of two things: cake or frosting. They're both sweet on their own, but even more delicious in tandem. Accessories are the easiest kind of frosting. Patterned tights, look-at-me shoes, or bold colors near your face are all quick ways to add a dash of sugar to your look.

Boutique Girl: Heather (styled by Ivana)

Dress: Betsey Johnson, size small $49
Boots: size 8 1/2 $9
Scarf: Neiman Marcus, silk $40
Handbag: Nine West, $44
Metal Bangle: $14
Gold and Ivory Bracelet: $22
Green and Gold Bracelet: $18
Belt: $14


  1. Wow, Casey. This is amazing. I wish I lived in Atlanta, I would be making this my FIRST stop of the day!

    When will you come visit in Va Beach? Looks like I may be going to Paris this April! Can't wait.

    Let's catch up soon. At least on the phone.
    Jo (Double Take)

  2. Thanks Jo! I hope all is going well at Double Take! I'd still really like to come visit you!! Call me when you have time... you know where I'll be!