Friday, January 29, 2010

Colors are a Girl's Best Friend

Chic doesn't have to mean black from head to toe... or at all, for that matter. A daring color combination can have the same streamlining affect as a monotone ensemble. Colors are the paint to the canvas of a soul. Kaaren, a soft, lithe-spirited, totally fabulous regular customer of ours was happy to let us experiment with a style outside of her usual box. The results... see for yourself!

Model: Kaaren (styled by Carrie)

Blouse #1: Anne Carson, size L: $16
Skirt: Tahari NWT, size 2, bubble hem: $59
Shoes: Steve Madden, size 7 1/2: $16
Bracelet: long strand of beads wrapped for bracelet: $33
Necklace: Lucky Brand $18 (sold)
Earrings: vintage crystal clip-ons: $16 (sold)
Blouse #2: strapless brown top, Hype, size small: $19
                   and Odille silk wrap blouse, size 6 $46
Belt: crinkle scarf/sash: $23


  1. I really do admire you young women and your sense of style, fun and hospitality. Thank you so much for the fun afternoon. I hope your sucess continues to grow and grow.

  2. Your model is beautiful! And I love those shoes...

  3. She's gorgeous and so full of poise!!!