Saturday, July 3, 2010

New items blew in... and blew Betsy's skirt up!

For those of you who haven't read any previous posts, the title may have seemed a bit odd. So I'll recap: a LOT of stuff comes and goes through our door here at Finders Keepers Furnishings. So it takes a lot to "blow her skirt up" as Betsy says. The good news: it's been really windy this week! AKA: the new arrivals this week are *AMAZING*. You really (really) don't want to miss taking a gander at these Category-5 skirt blowers.

What goes around comes (back) around: Fantabulous Retro Sectional and Ottoman

Moleskin Sofa (I love green and gray together - it's one of my favorite combinations!)

Super chic Armani chair (there's a matching sofa!)

No living room is complete without a cozy man-chair!

Beautiful, decorative chairs from Pier 1

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