Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inspiration - Marie McGrath and The Joy of Fashion

Here at Finders Keepers Boutique, we love and live for inspiration. We spend countless hours searching other bloggers to see what they're up to, revel in some stroke of fashion genius, be moved by someone's words, or to feel connected to that universal sisterhood of style. So, once a week, we're going to repost bloggers who made us say wow - who kept us on their blogs for hours and hours as we scrolled through their pictures and thoughts.

This week: Marie McGrath with The Joy of Fashion @

Marie takes pictures of her daily ensembles and she has grown quite a following. Her creative use of colors in combination with classic lines makes for a sophisticated, inviting style that I know our customers would love. She's Kate Spade's take on Audrey Hepburn, sweet through and through with a glint of sass that she'd be remiss not to satisfy. In one of my favorite recent posts, Marie adorned a side ponytail with vibrant little butterfly clips. Brilliant! Infact, I'm infatuated with so many of her looks that I kept changing my mind about which one to use. As soon as I settled on an outfit she'd post something else that caught my eye. So, I'll post a couple of looks (I couldn't choose!) featuring a favorite theme of mine (mixing black and white accessories) and leave the rest for you to discover!

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