Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spotlight on the Dresser: A great utility piece

Dressers come in all styles and sizes: painted, unpainted, antique, mid-century, rustic and modern. This piece of furniture can do a lot more than hold clothing so let’s step out of the box and consider some other uses for this versatile piece of furniture.

At waist height, a dresser can be used as a changing table in a nursery. Supplies such as diapers and baby wipes can easily be stored in the drawers along with onesies, rompers and pjs.

In an entry way, this piece can store hats, gloves, umbrellas, spare keys, sunglasses and other essentials needed as you head out for the day. Top with a lamp and a fun tray for mail and you have a happy and tidy space when you return each day.

In an office, a dresser can store extra paper and office supplies. A deep drawer can hold extra toner and ink while a top drawer can hold bills to be paid, mail waiting to be read.

A dresser by the back door or mud room can hold shoes, boots and rain gear as well as book bags and homework.

Put a dresser in a spare bedroom to hold wrapping paper and supplies along with gifts purchased ahead of time.

Put a small dresser next to your piano to hold sheet music and music books. Sort them by genre and have a drawer for each making it easier to find when looking for a particular tune.

Finally, use a dresser in the dining room for storing tablecloths and other linens. Use the top as a bar or as a buffet.

Don’t overlook all a dresser can do to keep your house organized and stylish. It’s probably one of the most useful pieces of furniture you can own, so own many and put them to work.
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