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Finders Keepers Boutique and Menswear Consignment Policies

Finders Keepers Boutique & Menswear
Consignment Policies

Thank you for considering us for your consignment needs! Here's how we work:

Terms of Contract (Updated)

1.       Consignor split is based on the actual SELLING price of the items and are as follows:

a.        $1 - $49             = 40% consignor / 60% store
b.       $50 - $99           = 45% consignor / 55% store
c.        $100 - $199       = 50% consignor / 50% store
d.       $200 and up      = 60% consignor / 40% store

2.       Items are kept in the store for 60 days and are subject to donation after the 60th day.   All items are subject to discretionary markdowns anytime during the consignment period.  There is no set markdown policy.  Expired items are either donated to charity or sold in charity sales in which all proceeds are donated to charity.  If consignor wishes to pick up unsold items, it is the consignor’s responsibility to keep up with his/her account and contract end dates.  Items should be picked up prior to the expiration date. The obligation to find a consignor’s items on the floor belongs solely to the consignor. No exceptions.

3.       Consignments are accepted Monday-Saturday and must be in at least an hour before closing time. Consignors have two options for dropping off items:

·         Drop & Run – Consignor will leave items at the store to be processed.  All items will be assessed and processed and accepted items will be distributed to the appropriate store for optimal selling potential.  Unaccepted items are donated charity and no tax receipt is available.  

·         Stay & Wait– Consignor will wait in the store while items are assessed. Unaccepted items will be returned immediately, accepted items will be processed offsite and then will return to this location for their consignment period.  Drop-offs must be within the 25 item limit, and arrive on hangers at least an hour before closing.  Accepted items with major flaws found upon further inspection will be donated to charity and no tax receipt is available. 

4.       Jewelry is not consigned unless valued at $100 or more.  All other jewelry is bought outright at 20% of the resale price.  All jewelry is assessed and processed off-site to ensure proper re-sale value is established.  Once jewelry items have been assessed, consignor will be contacted with an offer for the items Finders Keepers intends to purchase.  This offer may be accepted or declined and all unaccepted items will be returned if desired.  Jewelry purchases are limited to 25 pieces at a time and jewelry for consideration may be dropped off any time the store is open. 

5.       Checks are mailed the first week of each month for accounts with a balance exceeding $40.  Twice a year checks are mailed for accounts with a balance exceeding $20. Each mailed check will incur a $1 mailing fee. Consignor may check account any time during regular store hours, and may pick up any available balance during regular store hours.

6.       There is a $12 annual fee to be a consignor, and it includes 24/7 online consignor account access. Items are subject to a standard markdown process as well as sales, discretionary markdowns, item fees, and buyer's fees.  Buyer fees are taken prior to computing the consignor split. 

7.       Finders Keepers is not responsible for damaged, missing, or stolen merchandise. Items deemed inauthentic (“fake” or “knock-off”) are immediately removed from the premises. Damaged items are immediately donated. Items under either circumstance are not available for return to consignor and a tax receipt is not available.

Any and all consignment rules are subject to change. Our partnership is based on mutual respect. Consignors who become adversarial with the staff of Finders Keepers will have their consignment accounts closed. Please do not be offended if we do not accept your items as our skilled staff must rely on past and present experience to determine what will sell in our store.
Boutique - 2134 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur GA 30033
Menswear - 2130 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur GA 30033

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  1. Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unaccepted. See the link below for more info.