Sunday, January 15, 2012

A follow-up with workshop speaker Jiffy Page

First, thank you for coming out on a cold Saturday morning. I hope you took away some helpful information and thought it was a useful way to spend an hour. If you have suggestions for us, please pass them along - we're always tweaking and adjusting. Your feedback is helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Second, as was mentioned this morning, we were given the sign-in sheet with your email address and thus, you're getting this email. Let me be honest - we would love to have you as a Pixorium client. That said, at Pixorium we treat people as we wish to be treated which means we only want to be in your email box if you want us there. So, do me this favor - if you do NOT want to be in our database, please reply to this email and let me know. I will understand and won't have my feelings hurt, promise. :)

If you stay in our database, what are we going to send you? The main (and at this point only) email you'll get from us is an "almost" quarterly e-newsletter. In it we write about useful tips, ideas and other things we think you'll want to know. After all, we want you to read it, so we try hard to make it interesting, relevant and fun. Here's a link to our most recent one, which was much more "here's what we're doing" than usual:

We also have a Facebook page that we'd be delighted for your to visit regularly (and "like", share with your friends, etc.) if you're an FB person:  

We also tweet - it's an easy way to share fun and interesting tidbits or photos, which we do about once a week - @pixorium

But the best place for information on Pixorium is our website: We keep it up-to-date and actually, you can read the tweets right on our home page. I also write a blog post which you can access from there. Again, it's almost quarterly and I work hard to make it interesting, relevant and fun. Take a look; I'd love to know what you think about what's there now and any suggestions you have for future posts.

Lastly, I hope you were inspired today - maybe to open that huge box of photos and think about an organizing plan; to move the photos from the attic/basement/garage to an inside-your-home-closet; to think about the way you'd look for a photo if you had it organized; to go to and see what they have for archival binders, boxes, sleeves; to think about what would be the best way for you to back up your photos - separate hard drive, cloud back-up, etc.

The hardest part is getting started. We know that. So, let us know if we can be of help. For us the point is to encourage and enable people to save and share their photos and family stories; here's hoping we encouraged you this morning and perhaps enabled you a bit too.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2012,



(on behalf of Wally, too...)

Jiffy Page


Celebrating our 5th Anniversary with
"Snapshots & Stories - A Celebration" Photo Exhibit

See pix on our FB page:

See now @ Va Hi San Francisco Coffee  (
 a new location to announced soon...

Pixorium is an Atlanta-based photo storytelling business. We create video shows, custom books and other fun ways to celebrate and share the stories of families and organizations. We also provide digital conversion services, scanning prints, slides, film, VHS tapes to digital images.
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