Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thoughts and notes from Bonnie's Desk

7 years ago I had a minor surgery (it felt major to me) and I return each year for a quick recheck of the site as a preventative measure and every year the same kind and competent nurse named Mary is there to greet me. It always brings me comfort to see her and this year was no exception.  Mary was there with a smile and a wave from down the hall as a different nurse was responsible for me that day but I was happy to see that Mary was STILL there. That kind of loyalty and dedication is rare these days, I guess that’s why it makes such an impression on me.

I have an employee like Mary at Finders Keepers and her name is Patsy Sanders. February marks her 15 year anniversary with the shop and I know so many of you are glad to see her when they come in, even if all she has time for is a smile and a wave. Patsy is one of those true blue, dedicated and loyal employees who weathers passing storms, changing policies, computer updates and all the things that happen at a small business each year, with dignity and grace. Whatever personal hardships she is facing will never be shown in her tone or demeanor, her actions or her words. She always just soldiers on with a smile.

In fact, Patsy soldiered on through breast cancer and did not miss a day of work while receiving chemotherapy. She has been in remission for 12 years now as of last month and the port near her collar bone has finally been removed. So we have much to celebrate with Patsy, 15 years of service at Finders Keepers and 12 years in remission from breast cancer.

So in honor of Patsy, our charitable giving this month will be to the Atlanta Chapter of the American Cancer Society with a designation to breast cancer awareness. Proceeds from our $1 $3 $5 $10 racks will go to this charity in Patsy’s honor and we will have jars at each register for cash donations to this important cause.

We will celebrate with cake and punch on Valentine’s Day so please join us and be sure to congratulate Patsy on her 15 year anniversary with Finders Keepers, but more importantly, on her survival of breast cancer. Please give this month in honor of Patsy so that more women will have the chance to be breast cancer survivors instead of breast cancer statistics.

Always be giving,
Bonnie Kallenberg

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