Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Love bacon?

This Saturday, Finders Keepers Furnishings concludes its fall workshop series with a complimentary sampling of Pine Street Market's delicious meats and treats. Rusty, owner of Pine Street Market, will be cooking fresh samples of his shop's most popular products. He'll demonstrate his delicious recipe for beer-braised bratwursts, and is going to raffle off a pound of the best bacon ever (as declared by Betsy and Bonnie!) Rusty will also dish all about his Cider-brined, peachtree smoked holiday hams, which are natural, boneless, and humanely raised! Ladies - what a good way to get the menfolk to come shopping with you! We'll kick off this tasty workshop at 9:30 am this Saturday. Learn more about Rusty and the Pine Street Market on their website: http://www.pinestreetmarket.com/.

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