Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OMG - awesome new arrivals for spring!

The weather is heating up - finally - and the inside of Finders Keepers Boutique couldn't be hotter! Don't worry, our AC is working just fine. We've checked in some new arrivals that are steaming up our little store. Chanel sunglasses, Missoni sunglasses, Prada, Marni, and Akris dresses, Tory Burch, Burberry, and more! Price list and pictures below:

Red Burberry tote $180
Pink Marc Jacobs handbag $215
Pink Missoni sunglasses $72
Black Chanel sunglasses $145
White Prada dress size 48, $175
New Pink Prada dress size 48, $430 (NWT retail $2530)
Floral Marni dress size 44, $225
Tan Akris dress size 10, $150
New Ivory/Black Tory Bruch top size 12, $125 (NWT retail $395)

Burberry Tote

Marc Jacobs handbag

Missoni Sunglasses

Chanel Sunglasses

Prada Dress NWT

Marni Dress

Tory Burch top NWT

Akris Dress

Prada Dress (and my personal favorite!)

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