Monday, February 21, 2011

A HUGE thank you to NAPO-GA and a couple of its associate members..

It all began in the back of the room at the January re-scheduled NAPO-GA meeting. A new associate member, Doug from MonkeyBarStorage had set up an awesome display with before and after pictures from a garage overhaul. “I want THAT garage” I whined. There was nothing on the floor, everything was neatly placed on super sturdy shelving and versatile poles and hooks.

Doug and I set up an appointment for an estimate when my husband was out of town. My plan? To redo our 2-car garage that barely fit my husband’s 1973 Mustang convertible into one of these picture perfect photographed garages that would house 2 cars AND all of the stuff.

Day 1: Doug came out and listened to me. He gave me a quote. He rearranged his entire week so we could do this when my husband was out of town for the week.

Day 2: Doug planned to arrive at noon to begin the project. I had to have everything down off of the existing shelves and pulled to the center of the garage, leaving a 5 foot perimeter for his installation. I enlisted Kanu, who works for me, and we began at 8:00 am and had it all down by 10:00. I called Doug and let him know we were ahead of schedule.

I took a picture of the pile and regretted not taking a real “before” of odd assorted shelving piled with stuff and every inch of floor space covered by something. He started working. I went to Big Lots to get 10 matching bins….so my garage would look like catalog. Doug worked until about 5, taking down all of the old shelving and getting everything ready to install the Monkey Bar System.

Day 3: I enlisted the organizational help of Betsy (Parke’s sister) and Haji, who works for me. This was a day of many decisions:
What to
1. Throw Away
2. Give Away
3. Take to Charity
4. Take to Finders Keepers to sell
5. Keep and organize

To make the cut for #5, it had to pass the test of “do I want this in my “new” garage?” We touched every single item in the pile and made a decision on each thing. We made multiple trips to Second Life Thrift Store and Finders Keepers. We call in another NAPO-GA Associate member, Just Trash It, to come pick up the huge pile at the end of our driveway because I was not totally sure that the City of Avondale Estates would pick up so much junk at one time. Just Trash It was great! They told me to fill the partially full paint cans with kitty litter so they could take them….all 50 of them, along with old shelving, wood, broken items and an old hot tub that hadn’t worked in years. Yes, I was on a mission. Just Trash It made 2 trips and the fee was very reasonable for everything they did.

Doug continued to hang shelving in 4 foot sections. Each 4 ft. section guaranteed to hold 1000 lbs!

Our good friend David, a carpenter, came and picked up some items he could use for remodels or for “re-purposing” so those things didn’t end up in the landfill.

We sorted the “keeps” into bins:
1. magic (it’s Parke’s hobby)
2. camping
3. Finders Keepers paperwork for long-term storage
4. Sporting goods
5. Yard stuff and equipment

I even had room to bring up a lot of stuff that had been stored in my basement! Now my basement is much cleaner….but that’s a blog for another day!

Doug positioned various items in the “keep” pile unto the storage system to show me how to use the hooks, which come in about 8 sizes. We started putting everything onto the shelves and learned that the height was perfect for 2 bins high or 3 copy paper boxes high. Everything fit and everything is off the floor….and guess what….It looks just like the catalog picture….don’t you think so?

And finally I just want to say that I could not have done this without the inspiration from being an associate member of NAPO-GA, the help of other associate members of NAPO-GA, Just Trash It and MonkeyBarStorage, the brawn of Haji and Kanu, and the tireless energy and encouragement from Betsy.

Parke was thrilled and more importantly….totally amazed at his new garage which now houses not one car but 2!

stuff... stuff... stuff

yes, all of that was in my garage.

sorting begins!

MonkeyBarStorage to the rescue!

ahh, a nice, clean slate!

Just Trash It had their work cut out for them...

Y'all were amazing!

It's safe to say that I "Got Organized" with NAPO-GA :)

A job well done... and a really good night's sleep ahead

I love surprises!

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