Wednesday, December 8, 2010

candy colored

What *is* it about a delicously colored handbag or pair of shoes that makes my mouth water? I mean sometimes it has that really delightful, rich, leather scent that fills my nose (and heart) with wonder and anticipation like a kid's first real Christmas tree... but we're talking a Pavlovian response here: I see a leather, jewel-toned purse and it's like someone ringing the dinner bell. Don't judge, but sometimes - especially if I can't afford it - I'll pick it up and talk to it, tell it about the adventures we'd take, ensemble plans I have for it, that I'd never *ever* take it out during rain or put trash in it or leave it in my car or on the floor (lies, lies, lies - but I really do try.) And that I love it enough to let it go when that lucky customer plucks it from the shelf and takes it home with her...

Marc Jacobs Clutch

Cool Kicks!

Boots Boots Boots!

Valentino Pink Patent Handbag - New with tags!

Louis Vuitton Heels

Huge Longchamp weekender


  1. how much for the MJ and LV shoes!!?! luv them! :)


    B So Chic!

  2. Hi Bren! I hope all is well in your world! I'm sure you look fabulous as always! The Marc Jacobs clutch has sold but the LV shoes are still available! They're a size 39 and are brand spankin' new! They're $370. Call or let me know if you're interested!