Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's a mess!

"You can't take pictures now - it's a mess!" Linda told me when I pulled out my camera. My response: "Umm where?" Finders Keepers Furnishings looked as beautiful and inspiring as always, and I'd already eyed four or fives things I wanted to take home with me. I mean this girl KNOWS a mess - like last weekend when my husband helped me clean out my car, during which he unceremoniously unearthed a book called "Tips to Unclutter Your Home" from a pile of food wrappers, water bottles, a couple of jackets, a pair of rainboots, elastic cables, and moving blankets. Or my purse, which currently holds: my wallet, a smattering of wadded up receipts, a paint-can opener, a pack of bobby pins, a measuring tape, a camera charger, nine fun-sized starburst packs, and an empty box of gum. Linda relented - mostly because she was too busy rearranging ENORMOUS pieces of furniture in the lower level of the store to waste time arguing with a very stubborn me. I'll let you be the judge: do you see a mess? Because I sure don't!

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