Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I only wore them once

"I only wore them once." It's something we hear a lot from our consignors. Maybe they purchased the piece for a special event or maybe the sizing was just too uncomfortable. Well these to-die-for unbelievably adorable Tory Burch shoes were just the case: the consignor wore them to her wedding! Fantabulous shoes peeking out from a glamorous gown is a trend I'm definitely into. A friend of mine got married over the summer in a traditional Hindu wedding celebration. Her own little secret: royal blue Jimmy Choo stilletos. (Now if she never wears THOSE bad boys again I'll cry foul... unless ofcourse she consigns them... Hey, a girl can dream!)

Just In: Tory Burch Heels size 7

Regular Retail: $425
Our Price: $269

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