Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're Hosting a Book Signing for Barb Tobias!

We're so excited to be a stop on Barb Tobias's southern leg of her new book tour! She'll be hanging out with us in our store on September 11th from 9:30am - 11am to sign books as well as speaking during her time with us.

Barb Tobias, America’s “Thrift Talk” Diva, is an admitted thrift-aholic…
a veteran radio and TV personality who has crisscrossed the nation in
her search for fabulously frugal finds.

Barb is a professional speaker and inspiring coach who renovates lives, homes and wardrobes by sticking her curious little nose into other people’s
“thrifty business.” After a lifetime of transforming trash into treasure, this savvy mistress of thrift shares her secrets to finding deals, repurposing
before tossing, reconstructing the tattered and renewing things others view as passé in her recent release…Tossed & Found. Her “tell all” book is not only a journey of personal transformation, but teaches a newly frugal nation how to purchase, purge and profit from thrift.
Thrifty Living…
Barb Tobias has spent a lifetime transforming trash into treasure. She is
a master at creating stunning interiors, dressing clients like supermodels
and turning the forgotten into the unforgettable—for a fraction of the cost.
· Decorating the DivaWay

· The Frugal Fashionista

An astute businesswoman, Barb Tobias has walked the competitive walk
in both the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds. After successfully
running three businesses, she was wooed by the corporate world and
embarked on a seven-year stint as the trainer, coach andmanager of a
top-notch sales teamfor web-basedmarketing systems. She teaches how
to dream big, break through self-limiting beliefs and blast away
· Thrifty Business…Big Business on a Budget

· The Entrepreneur…Unleashed

Motivation and Lifestyle…
Barb has scaled some formidable peaks, visited her share of murky valleys
and, out of necessity, become the Diva of Reinvention. Her experiences
are the tools that now support those who want to build remarkable,
fulfilling lives.
· So YouMissed the Boat…Buy Another Ticket
· After theMotivationWears Off…What Then?

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