Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Congrats to Betsy on 20 years with Finders Keepers!

Furniture and decor comes and goes - but one face remains ever present at Finders Keepers Furnishings: Betsy Johns, the manager of one of the best furniture consignment shops in Atlanta. This month marks her 20th anniversary with the Finders Keepers company. It's no secret that Betsy works HARD - but I learned the story of her history with Finders Keepers yesterday during a surprise - congratulations we threw for her during a managers meeting last night.

20 years ago, Betsy worked full time for Atlanta Dental - and not just full time, but 60 hours a week. Bonnie, the owner of Finders Keepers, had recently purchased the little, 600 square foot space from its original owner, and was quickly becoming busier than one person could handle. Betsy began working on Saturdays in the little store to help with the rush of incoming merchandise and new customers. So that's how she started: tacking on eight more hours to her 60 hour work week.

A few years later, the store hosted a couple of "late night" shopping days a week. Betsy would work at Atlanta Dental during the day, and then drive to the store to help them close from 6pm - 8pm. And she maintained her Saturdays with the store, of course.

Six years ago, Betsy left her Corporate America job with Atlanta Dental and came on full-time for Finders Keepers. Her eye for staging quickly created a buzz in the consignment world. The fantastic furnishings and decor come to life through her artful combinations. Our furniture store has even drawn the interest of TV and movie set producers who are filming in Atlanta.

So Betsy, here's to 20 years! We couldn't have done it without you.


She's taking a trip to Nashville to celebrate! (She'll jump at any chance to put on her cowgirl boots)

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