Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Over! (Notes from Bonnie's Desk)

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Haverty’s sales are up this year, which is good news for many of us. The sale of new furniture is directly related to the housing market and simply put, when the housing market is good, furniture sales are good. When the housing market is bad, folks just aren’t buying new furniture. I saw that coming back in 2008 when Finders Keepers Furnishings began to slow down, in sales and in consignments. I knew something was amiss before “Great Recession” was a household phrase. When houses aren’t selling, home-owners aren’t sprucing up what they have nor are they purchasing home goods. As a resale shop, we weren’t devastated as some big furniture stores were. Many economized by sprucing up with gently used items.
The housing market is picking up and low and behold, Haverty’s Furniture Stores are seeing an increase in sales over last year. And so are we! Furniture is arriving by the truckload from those who have been waiting to sell or renovate and selling quickly to those who have moved or renovated and need/want something new. This trend is improving with each quarter as real estate finally picks up. Things are starting to ease up economically speaking and that means there will be more jobs on the horizon. So let’s all exhale and celebrate upcoming better days.
It’s official now….the Great Recession must be over!

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