Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweet words we want to share!

A customer wrote us about her experience at our free workshop "Double Trouble," hosted by Finders Keepers Furnishings:

Betsy, I just wanted to let you and Linda know how much I enjoyed the workshop. High time the two of you did one!!! So many great ideas and all very budget minded; you couldn't have done it better unless you did it longer. I called a friend and read her my list; she was just floored and I think will use some of your ideas. I know I will! Please know that ALL the workshops are well done and greatly appreciated in these times when money is tight. Imagination and trial & error are our best weapons. Maybe you and Linda will do a yearly workshop along with your other people that help with our gardens, organization, decorating and keeping our sanity. Decatur is truly lucky to have a wonderful resource in all the Finders Keepers shops. Thanks so much!
~ L. Huffman
Thank YOU Ms. Huffman! You made our day :)

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