Friday, August 5, 2011

Why. I. Love. Fall.

In a word: layers. And if I could pick one more: colors. And if I was allowed a third: boots. Backstory: when I tell customers in the Boutique that I grew up working on horse farms, they always look at me with puzzle pieces knitting across their faces: how, pray tell, did you wind up here? How do farms and fashion go together, or, more appropriately, collide? The short answer: blue jeans. Barn girls learn from an early age how to look good in blue jeans - how to turn the same pair of denim and leather boots into something so powerfully feminine that it catches even the most rugged cowboy by surprise. And then when we meet said cowboy for dinner later in the week, we top those can-do boots with something a little girly and pretend not to notice when he comes undone at the sight.

In this look: New Escada blouse size 4 $450 (retail $1190); Plenty skirt size 6 $34; Kate Spade boots size 8 $115; Gucci handbag $500; Earrings $13; Cowboy hat $6.50

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