Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Subtle Statement

Colors are an instinctive outlet for self expression. Moods, goals, and tones can all be articulated with that perfect shade or hue. Bold colors aren't the only way to make a statement. A neutral, monochromatic look says just as much as the all-powerful, oft-instructed Red. Sometimes blending in is the best way to stand out.

Boutique Girl: Ivana (styled by Heather)
On Ivana
Heels: Marc Jacobs, size 8 $99
Dress: ABS size 4 $73
Bracelets: $7 and $24
Handbag: Ferragamo, $128
Hair Clasp: $12


  1. I am completely in love with this dress. It just looks so light :]

  2. Isn't it so feminine! Fyi - everything shown on the blog is for sale! Thank you so much for your comment! We're honored!