Saturday, February 6, 2010

Industrial Vogue ~ Jeans Can

Jeans... can. They're the ultimate wardrobe neutral. Best of all: the perfect pair of jeans are the quintessential confidence booster. Denim is assertively casual, ruggedly feminine, and strongly sexy.

Boutique Girl: Jordan (styled by Heather and Casey)

Boots: Oscar de la Renta: size 38, $75 (new - retail for: $738)
Jeans: True Religion, size 27, $37
Top: size small, $18
Jacket: BCBG size xs, $33
Handbag: Cole Haan $148


  1. i absolutely love the photo of the "colors are a girl's best friend"! i am interested in purchasing the blouse she is wearing. i have a blog for women over 40 and would love to add these photos to my blog and add your link. would that be o.k? also, how small is "small"? it appears to be loose. thanks! retro reva

  2. i forget , did i mention i will also post a link to your blog? :) thanks

  3. that would be amazing! The blouse actually sold soon after we posted the blog, but I will be happy to let you know of any similar items. It was a 2-piece top. The cami underneath was small, but the printed blouse was loose and drapey. Thank you so much for your interest!

  4. shoot! thanks for letting me use the gorgeous photo. i will post sometime this week. i'll keep checking in for cool stuff!!!! i will add tour link to the photo!

  5. Thanks! I loved looking at your blog as well! we are following you! :)